Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Put Away That Mop

Big ideas for small space cleaning.
Cleaning cramped, high traffic areas has always been a challenge for convenience stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, gas stations—any place where space is at a premium. Now there are three new solutions designed to clean those small spaces fast, without the mess and slip-and-fall hazards of mops and buckets: the Advance SC100™, SC250™ and SC351™ Micro Scrubbers.

The Advance SC100™ is an upright scrubber designed to make cleaning faster and easier than using a mop and bucket.  With a 12-inch cleaning path, the SC100 is designed to maneuver where other scrubbers can’t, and with a tank that dispenses only clean solution, it won’t spread dirt around like mops and buckets.

The SC250™ is a 13.5-inch wide micro scrubber powered by a lithium battery. Operating at an exceptionally quiet 66 dB A, it allows your cleaning crews to work in the daytime and clean in noise-sensitive areas. It also boasts single-pass, sweep-scrub-and-dry performance to remove dirt and debris quickly. This is also ideal for those quick cleanups.
A drier surface helps prevent slips and falls.
There’s another big advantage to these revolutionary Advance cleaners besides their compact size and easy maneuverability. They don’t leave a wet surface behind like mops do that can make your floors dangerous. Using innovative Advance technologies, all three scrubbers clean and dry in a single step. 

Both scrubbers also feature two solution flow settings to provide more efficient cleaning, convenient dosing caps to regulate detergent usage and reduce costs, and easy-to-remove recovery tanks that make emptying dirty water easier.
A bigger, better micro.
Then there’s the new Advance SC351™ Battery-Operated Micro Scrubber: the only battery-operated micro scrubber with true forward and reverse water pickup.

Featuring Advance’s exclusive rotating deck with integrated squeegee—an industry first—the SC351 allows your cleaning crews to clean and dry your floors in all directions. They can push the machine forward and clean like a normal scrubber or, with a simple flip of the handle, they can make the deck rotate for reverse scrubbing and pickup.

But this breakthrough in scrubbing technology doesn’t stop there. It’s engineered to accommodate a wide range of cleaning applications from convenience stores and schools to health care, restaurants, gas stations and retail stores. With its easy-to-use operator functions, enhanced vacuum performance and diverse operating modes, it can do more than any other small scrubber in its class.

Mops may not be obsolete yet, but with these three micro scrubbers from Advance, the end is definitely nearer.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nilfisk and Carnegie Robotics Preview Industry-Changing Advance Liberty A50 Autonomous Scrubber/Dryer at ISSA 2016

Advance, the brand known and trusted to introduce productivity-enhancing innovations in the commercial cleaning market, proudly introduces the Advance Liberty A50 Autonomous Scrubber. The Advance Liberty A50, designed in partnership between Nilfisk and Carnegie Robotics, LLC, a leading provider of advanced robotics sensors and software, is specifically designed to leverage today’s most advanced autonomous technologies to make commercial floor care in such settings as retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and more, more productive, safer and easier than ever.

“We are thrilled to launch the most advanced and easiest to use scrubber/dryer in the commercial floor care industry,” said Jonas Persson, president and CEO of Nilfisk. “Nilfisk has an unprecedented legacy of bringing ingenuity and innovation to market by way of products that improve and advance the industry. The Advance Liberty A50 is our most important product innovation yet, and it will set the standard and lead the way for intelligent equipment going forward in the commercial cleaning industry.”

The Advance Liberty A50 is the cleaning industry’s only stand-on scrubber/dryer that can be operated autonomously or manually, providing cleaning professionals with unprecedented flexibility based on their cleaning needs. With its proprietary sensor suite, software and camera, the scrubber/dryer recognizes unknown obstacles as small as a tennis ball and then automatically maneuvers around them, making the Advance Liberty A50 safe to use in open or congested spaces. And, a proprietary mix of technology, including cameras, sensors and lasers, allow the Advance Liberty A50 to accurately track its cleaning path and clean close to obstacles and walls.

"Carnegie Robotics is excited to partner with Nilfisk to bring the most innovative and advanced scrubber to the commercial cleaning market,” said Steve DiAntonio, CEO of Carnegie Robotics. “We've adapted military and space grade technologies to provide the Advance Liberty A50 scrubber with state-of-the-art perception and intelligent navigation that deliver safe and reliable floor cleaning. At the same time, we’ve engineered a simple to use interface that enables flexible and efficient operation.”

The Advance Liberty A50 will be the first product to launch under Nilfisk’s recently announced The Horizon Program, a pioneering global program that will deliver the most intelligent and technologically advanced cleaning solutions in the industry. Working with Carnegie Robotics, Nilfisk’s Horizon Program is a strategic, long-term initiative to launch multiple products that will provide the full spectrum of autonomous capabilities. Nilfisk’s work with Carnegie Robotics is the only partnership in the industry that combines the highest levels of expertise in robotics and commercial cleaning to design and develop state-of-the-art autonomous cleaning solutions that truly meet the needs of the commercial cleaning industry.

Nilfisk and Carnegie Robotics will officially launch the Advance Liberty A50 scrubber in the spring of 2017.

About Carnegie Robotics, LLC

Carnegie Robotics, LLC (CRL), is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of reliable and advanced robotics sensors and platforms for defense, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and commercial applications. CRL has grown steadily since its founding in 2010 by fulfilling the increasing demand for reliable and environmentally robust components that provide perception and intelligence for autonomous systems. In addition, CRL partners with major equipment suppliers to deliver disruptive, automated systems to traditional markets. For more information on CRL, visit www.carnegierobotics.com. 

About Nilfisk

Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. For over 100 years, Nilfisk has been committed to making the world a cleaner place, and the company offers only the very best in cleaning solutions and technologies to millions of businesses and homes around the world. Nilfisk has sales companies in 45 countries, and its products and services are used in more than 100 countries across the world. Learn more at www.nilfisk.com.

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