Friday, July 15, 2016

Back to school cleaning challenges in schools and busy hallways on campus

As the summer winds down, it’s time to plan ahead for the challenges that come with a new school year.

Keeping a learning environment clean has its own set of challenges. Advance offers new technologies and designs in floor cleaning equipment that can help schools meet more stringent cleaning requirements and achieve maximum levels of productivity with a minimal environmental impact.
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Here’s some ways to kick off the new school year and create healthier environments for enhanced learning:

Target the busiest traffic areas first for deep cleaning in your back to school cleaning schedule.
New and returning faculty, staff, students and parents will soon be visiting campuses and facilities. Create the best impressions and a healthier learning environment by showing off a sea of shining hallways and lobbies, sparkling libraries, squeaky-clean restrooms and fresh athletic facilities.

  • Plan ahead by reviewing cleaning regimens and equipment inventory with your cleaning crew. This could be the year to upgrade to cleaning machines designed to improve overall productivity and provide a smarter clean every pass. Read more >

Bring in green cleaning ideas for busy learning environments that can help everybody feel good.
Even if it’s not a major focus for your facilities maintenance program, adopting green cleaning practices early on will create healthier learning environments and support a more sustainable future.

Provide your crew with cleaning tools and technology they can count on to stay on top of those everyday challenges.

Advance SC100: The scrubber that cleans those hard-to-reach spaces the first time so you know germs and dirt are gone for good.
If you’re looking for a way to bring your cleaning into the 21st Century, then look no further than the Advance SC100™ Upright Scrubber. It could help you get rid of your messy mops and buckets once and for all. Find out more >

The EcoFlex™ System can help you reach a smart clean in education and healthcare environments.
Reduce chemicals, water and labor time by using reliable cleaning tools with EcoFlex™ technology. You get a greener, more sustainable clean and high quality results. Watch video to learn more about this green technology >

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

More construction means more floor space to clean.

Commercial and institutional construction is set to increase in 2016, which means floor cleaning workloads will, too.

When construction projections go up, so does the need for new floor cleaning equipment. According to Dodge Data and Analytics, construction in the U.S. is set to increase 6% by the end of 2016, following gains of 9% in 2014 and 13% in 2015, and a large percentage of this construction falls into the “institutional” and “commercial” categories. These types of new facilities all require well-planned cleaning programs, hence the anticipated need for new floor cleaning equipment.  

New healthcare facilities are focusing on cleanliness more than ever.

Construction of healthcare facilities is booming, and they face very specific challenges when it comes to sanitation. Large amounts of pathogens are carried inside these facilities every day, and the occupants of these buildings are often more vulnerable to the diseases these pathogens than the general public. That’s why it’s so important for new healthcare facilities to use equipment that can thoroughly disinfect while minimizing the use of chemicals. Cleaning health facilities also needs to be done very quietly, further narrowing the field when it comes to which floor cleaning equipment you select for the job.

We’re building healthier learning environments.                       

Although schools aren’t being built as quickly as new healthcare facilities, they do have something in common. Schools, like hospitals, also have particularly sensitive occupants. This not only means that thorough disinfection is important, but also that chemical use must be kept to a minimum due to allergies and sensitivities among students. Schools, both new and old, can benefit greatly from this kind of green cleaning and disinfection. Plus, in order to clean during more productive daytime hours, floor cleaning equipment should be as quiet running as possible to avoid disrupting the learning process.

Cleaning new office space is big business.

With new office spaces and facilities being built throughout North America, new carpet and tile are coming with them. These new offices will all need thorough cleaning programs, and not only for health and sanitation reasons. Clean office spaces can allow for a more productive workforce by reducing sickness and stress as well as improving motivation. Dirt and/or clutter, whether consciously or subconsciously, can affect our mood and how well we work. With the right powerful, highly effective floor cleaning equipment, a new office space can be a bright, positive and clean work environment.

Since Advance builds the most cutting edge floor cleaning equipment on the market, they can effectively sanitize without using excessive amounts of energy or chemicals while maintaining a sharp, organized image. This makes Advance the right brand for a wide variety of new facilities. To get a free site assessment at your facility from your local authorized Advanced dealer, go to