Monday, March 26, 2012

Cleaning in the Entertainment Market

Resort, casino, stadium, and other entertainment facility customers have high expectations for the appearance of event venues. Additionally, these venues are often open 24 hours a day. Whether it's soft or hard floor surfaces, Advance's wide portfolio of floor cleaning equipment will help keep these high profile locations up and running while continuing to looking their best.

From compact, efficient walk-behind scrubbers to combination extractor-scrubbers, Advance has the solution to fit your entertainment facility cleaning needs. Learn more:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Satisfying Cleaning Requirements in Education Facilities

Each school day, some 56 million students and 6 million staff study and word in our nation’s schools. Over the last several years, many states have passed laws to address issues related to indoor air quality and to replace outdated cleaning methods with new green cleaning programs. Advance has led the industry in the development of innovative floor cleaning equipment that helps schools meet state the new more stringent cleaning requirements, maximize productivity while staying within budget constraints.

Educators agree that maintaining a clean school helps students stay healthy and learn, while also protecting the health of all staff and increasing the lifespan of facilities. Advance offers cutting edge technologies such as REV™orbital scrubbing technology to help cleaning professionals achieve maximum levels of productivity with a minimal environmental impact. REV scrubbing technology allows users to remove several layers of floor finish with plain tap water. Because floor removal is one of the most time consuming and hazardous cleaning process undertaken in schools, REV can help remove the most caustic chemicals from your schools and eliminate many of the slip and fall incidents that cleaning professionals suffer while removing finish and recoating floors.

To learn more about effective cleaning procedures for education facilities, visit:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Innovative Deck and Compact Design Marks a Breakthrough in Daily Scrubbing for Small Area Cleaning

The Advance SC350™ micro scrubber proves it's in a class of it its own, delivering faster, better and easier scrubbing. With a unique, fully-adjustable rotating deck and full battery-powered operation, the 14 inch disc delivers superior scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle.

Check out the SC350 action!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Goal of CRI

Now that we've discussed the testing program for CRI carpet extractor certification and its benefits, let's wrap up this blog post series by taking a look at the goal of CRI.

Established in 1991, CRI is a national carpet and rug industry trade organization headquartered in Dalton, Georgia. CRI counts as its members over 90 percent of all carpet producers and raw materials suppliers in the United States. In 2000, CRI established a Green Label vacuum certification program in response to an industry need for a common standard in environmental certification. CRI views standardization and certification as an important part of its mission, and certifies carpets, cushions and adhesives in addition to vacuums and extractors.

When evaluating carpet extractors, consider products that bear the CRI Seal of Approval. The environmental and cleaning performance of CRI-tested and approved extractors can help you save time and labor costs, increase the life of flooring and improve a facility’s indoor air quality.