Monday, June 27, 2011

One Machine, Multiple Cleaning Modes

One facility can present many different cleaning challenges, including different types of surfaces and varying cleaning strengths needed to complete the job. To tackle these challenges, cleaning professionals often have to purchase multiple pieces of cleaning equipment to satisfy each job. This not only results in extra equipment costs, but can also require additional labor.

Automatic floor scrubbers are a significant capital investment, as they not only have a high initial purchase cost, but can also present preventative maintenance and operating costs. Overall, these factors can greatly influence the total cost of ownership. For example, every cleaning machine requires specific training for operators, storage space, additional parts and ongoing maintenance. When you add this to the initial price, cost-efficiency is no longer attainable.

A floor scrubber with flexible cleaning modes can mean buying fewer machines and reducing training and maintenance costs. The most flexible machines are capable of cleaning in multiple ways and allow staff to use the same piece of equipment for a variety of floor-scrubbing jobs. This ultimately leads to reduced cleaning costs and higher productivity.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Advance Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Automatic Floor Scrubber Receives Outstanding Feedback and Continued Support From Cornell University

Advance recently launched the breakthrough Adfinity™ X20R REV™ automatic floor scrubber at world-renowned Cornell University. Providing an exclusive opportunity to see its revolutionary, new floor scrubbing technology in action, Advance demonstrated the REV’s dual random scrubbing capabilities to an audience of industry professionals, including facility managers, maintenance staff and engineers.

The demonstration was hosted by Rob Osborn, Director of the Department of Building Care of Cornell University. Rob was initially contacted by long-time business partners, Jeff and Jane Jack of Vasco Brands Inc., a janitorial supplier for over 95 years in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. Vasco Brands Inc. has supplied Cornell University with janitorial and maintenance equipment for many years.

The Department of Building Care of Cornell University, consisting of approximately 385 housekeepers and custodians, is responsible for cleaning 10.5 million square feet of academic buildings, in addition to 3.5 million square feet of residential life buildings.

Home to one of the nation’s first colleges devoted to hotel administration, industrial and labor relations, and veterinary medicine, Cornell proved to be an ideal location for the REV demonstration, which is designed for education and healthcare markets.
To read more about the demonstration, visit:

Coming soon: exclusive video footage of the REV demonstration!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spend More Time Cleaning, Less Time Preparing to Clean

With labor contributing up to 90% of the total cost to clean, it is important to realize that the more time spent actually cleaning will result in a more cost-efficient cleaning program. Preparation and assembly of floor cleaning equipment, solution and cleaning schedule can often require excessive time, which results in more money and resources spent. Proper planning and the right equipment can reduce the preparation and clean-up processes, making it possible for staff to make adjustments while they’re cleaning.

A flexible scrubbing program employs equipment and practices to handle cleaning applications that require a tougher scrub, such as heavily-trafficked entryways or tough soils, without stopping to modify their cleaning approach. For example, a floor scrubber that can dispense water and detergent separately eliminates having to pre-mix solution or empty tanks to change detergents or solution strength, which can also lead to detergent and chemical waste as it is poured down the drain.

This type of flexibility reduces cleaning professionals’ time spent prepping machines and minimizes cleaning passes, ultimately increasing time and cost efficiency.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Right Solution For Your Cleaning Application

There is no single “best” approach for every hard-floor scrubbing application. It is important to match the appropriate chemical and/or water mixture to the specific cleaning job at hand. This requires cleaning professionals to match the cleaning solution used to the soil level and surface type to effectively achieve the desired cleaning level.

Water-only cleaning is obviously the most sustainable choice, as it eliminates chemical use and the possible health impacts associated with exposure to chemical solutions. Cleaning professionals can employ water-only cleaning solution for applications involving the removal of surface dirt and detergent residue that accumulates on floors. Water-only cleaning solution also reduces costs because there are no detergents to buy.

While water-only cleaning proves to be a cost-efficient, sustainable solution, water alone is not always the most effective cleaning solution choice. For high-traffic areas or cleaning applications with certain soil types, such as greasy, oily messes, a flexible scrubbing program allows cleaning professionals to easily select the proper detergent type and strength—or clean with water only—as required by different floor conditions and areas of a facility. Proper application of water, detergent and down pressure eliminates the risk of exposing facility occupants to excessive detergent use. It also reduces cleaning costs and overall environmental impacts, while ensuring floors are effectively cleaned.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Floor Cleaning Equipment With Green Cleaning Capabilities Maximizes Facility Safety

There are a variety of green cleaning standards, including LEED-EB, ASTM E-1971-05 and GS-42, that address safety issues, including noise control, machine vibration, user fatigue, chemical exposure and proper training in green product use. When used correctly, floor cleaning equipment with green cleaning capabilities can enhance the safety of cleaning personnel, other facility occupants and the facility itself, through the following:

  • Noise Control features ensure quiet operation, increasing operator safety and the ability to clean during business hours, which in turn reduces costs for HVAC, lighting and security.
  • Ergonomic Design reduces excessive machine vibration and other inferior design elements, minimizing user fatigue and repetitive motor symptoms.
  • Flexible Cleaning System allows operators to use fewer machines and reduce water and detergent consumption. With a touch of a button, users can easily switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning and varying degrees of detergent, down pressure and flow rates.
  • Battery-Powered Equipment is an ideal alternative to the noise and emissions of propane-powered equipment, eliminating fuel emissions and enhancing air quality.