Monday, June 27, 2011

One Machine, Multiple Cleaning Modes

One facility can present many different cleaning challenges, including different types of surfaces and varying cleaning strengths needed to complete the job. To tackle these challenges, cleaning professionals often have to purchase multiple pieces of cleaning equipment to satisfy each job. This not only results in extra equipment costs, but can also require additional labor.

Automatic floor scrubbers are a significant capital investment, as they not only have a high initial purchase cost, but can also present preventative maintenance and operating costs. Overall, these factors can greatly influence the total cost of ownership. For example, every cleaning machine requires specific training for operators, storage space, additional parts and ongoing maintenance. When you add this to the initial price, cost-efficiency is no longer attainable.

A floor scrubber with flexible cleaning modes can mean buying fewer machines and reducing training and maintenance costs. The most flexible machines are capable of cleaning in multiple ways and allow staff to use the same piece of equipment for a variety of floor-scrubbing jobs. This ultimately leads to reduced cleaning costs and higher productivity.

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