Monday, October 21, 2013

Cleaning Entrances and Common Areas

This article was originally published in Clean Link.

Entrances and common areas are very different from personal office areas, and cleaning them is no exception. This information article recently published in Clean Link identifies eight steps to cleaning entrances and common areas.
  1. Move furniture or other items as directed using care not to scratch surfaces. 
  2. Take more time vacuuming carpeted areas to allow pick up and also be more thorough in covering the area wall to wall. This applies especially to mats and entrances or high traffic lanes. 
  3. Promptly address spots on carpet as soon as possible to reduce the chances of it becoming a stain. Identify the spot type, choose appropriate chemical, spray and blot turning cloth over to allow soil to wick into cloth. 
  4. Inspect and dust mop hard floor surfaces taking note as to the type floor (Vinyl Composite Tile with finish or granite as an example). Use a microfiber dust mop when possible and be sure to sweep up debris. 
  5. Place appropriate warning signs for any wet work being performed. 
  6. Inspect and remove gum, heel marks and other abrasions when possible before damp mopping. 
  7. Damp mop utilizing a neutral detergent that will not damage finish or stone surfaces which can be susceptible to harsh acids or alkalis. 
  8. Clean and return all equipment to storage area for the next day’s use. Ask your supervisor to take a digital picture of how the closet, cart, barrel should look and then make sure that you keep your area and equipment clean, stocked and up to standard.

Monday, October 14, 2013

SW4000™ Rider Sweeper Increases Productivity for Diverse Indoor and Outdoor Sweeping Applications

The new SW4000™ rider sweeper is designed to tackle demanding sweeping challenges. With a wide, highly maneuverable 49-inch cleaning path and long machine run-time of up to 4.5 hours on a single battery charge, the SW4000 provides high cleaning productivity and superior dust control for indoor and outdoor sweeping applications.

The SW4000 maximizes uptime and minimizes broom wear with One-Touch™ sweeping, which operates the main broom, side broom, vacuum fan and optional DustGuard™ misting system only when the machine is moving. To enhance sweeping capabilities, operators can employ the optional DustGuard to achieve a 75 percent greater dust-controlled sweeping path than comparable competitor machines. This not only improves indoor air quality, but also reduces overall cleaning time.

The SW4000 provides increased efficiency as well as the following benefits:
  • Maneuverability in tight corners and narrow isles from front-wheel drive and front-wheel steering
  • Safe handling and fast dumping through an effective hydraulic high dump and retractable hopper
  • Dust-free filters with the Liberator™ multi-frequency filter shaker for optimal performance
  • Durable design, including retractable, spring-loaded side brooms and rugged steel guards that virtually eliminate risk of machine damage
Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the SW4000 is ideal for a range of applications, including but not limited to warehouses, distribution centers, retail outlets, stadiums, arenas, lumber yards and parking lots.

Read the full press release for more information about the SW4000 rider sweeper. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Green Meets Clean with Stand-On Scrubbing

Clean green and still meet the highest expecations for clean floors with the new SC1500™ stand-on scrubber, equipped with the standard onboard EcoFlex™ System. The EcoFlex System controls the consumption of detergent so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance. 

With a single button, effortlessly switch between chemical-free cleaning or select from weak to strong cleaning intensities to match cleaning performance to the soil on the floor and the required level of clean.

If there is more soil on the floor, operators can activate the “burst of power” for extra cleaning performance and easily return to the original settings for minimum usage of water, detergent and power. 

For more information on the EcoFlex System, visit

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Advance VL500 Wet/Dry Vacuums Provide Versatile and Cost-Efficient Cleaning Performance

The new VL500 Wet/Dry Vacuums are designed to provide a flexible, reliable cleaning solution for both wet and dry applications. Featuring a superior filtration system, easy-to-use functions and multiple accessories, the VL500 series satisfies diverse cleaning challenges, ranging from small office environments to large education and healthcare facilities.
  • The VL500 series is available in three models—9-, 14- and 19-gallon tank options—to accommodate virtually any cleaning project:
  • The VL500-75 ERGO model features a 19-gallon tank and is equipped with a front-mount squeegee with forward and backward operation and an exclusive ERGO “tip n pour” design, making it ideal for picking up wet matter when stripping with floor stripper and a floor machine
  • For emergency spills and floods, the VL500-55 with 14-gallon tank delivers superior power and functionality, and is available with a hose, wand, squeegee floor tool, brush floor tool and optional front-mount squeegee
  • When dirt, dust or smaller wet clean-up projects is the primary need, the VL500-35, 9-gallon tank model offers quality filtration and dust capture, in addition to crevice and floor tools
Designed with the operator in mind, the VL500-55 and VL500-75 ERGO feature a balanced, wide stance for superior maneuverability, while the lightweight design of the VL500-35 ensures easy transportation. The VL500 series is ideal for schools and universities, healthcare facilities, grocery, retail outlets, arenas and stadiums and automobile dealerships.

To learn more, read the full press release.