Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sweeping Beauty: Part 2

The Advance SW8000™

In our previous blog post we began to cover some of the innovative, user-friendly features of the Advance SW8000 Sweeper/Rider. As a follow-up, we’d like to delve further into what makes the SW8000 so productive and efficient.

One of the most attractive features of the SW8000™, along with a 77-inch sweeping path and the industry’s only available variable speed side brooms, is its ability to keep dust contained using a unique 5-stage system known as DustClear™. This way, dust is less likely to find its way onto unwanted surfaces such as cars, products ready for shipment, and even the exterior of the sweeper itself. It’s an incredible, long-awaited step forward in sweeper technology.

Here’s a breakdown of the DustClear™ system:

Stage 1: DustGuard™
The first stage of DustClear™
 is DustGuard, which can suppress dust by up to 70% by trapping it in a fine water mist before it can become airborne.
Stage 2: The Vacuumized Main Boom Chamber
Dirt and dust is pulled up toward the chamber, keeping it contained and unable to escape.
Stage 3: AirFlow™ Labyrinth
Dust flows smoothly and efficiently along a contoured, unobstructed and tightly sealed path into the chamber.
Stage 4: Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter
Once the dust enters the chamber, the air is then cycled out through a fine and extremely efficient filter.
Stage 5: AirFlow Restoration System
The patented Liberator™ shaker design changes shaking frequency for better dust removal and airflow restoration.

The SW8000™ Rider Sweeper is the most advanced and innovative industrial-class ride-on sweeper money can buy, ideal for facilities such as manufacturing plants, parking ramps and university grounds. That’s why, when you need to clean large surfaces quickly and efficiently with minimal dust, there is no better choice than the Advance SW8000. It’s every facility manager’s dream come true.

To learn more about how the Advance SW8000™ can help move your cleaning program forward, visit 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sweeping Beauty: The Advance SW8000 Rider-Sweeper

The future of sweeping equipment just got a lot more high-tech. It also got a lot more dust-free, and it’s all thanks to the introduction of one of the best examples of user-friendly, precision-engineered cleaning systems available today: The Advance SW8000 Rider Sweeper.

The SW8000 has come even closer to total operator comfort and maximum efficiency than its predecessors. This model comes available with a 4-cylinder Kubota engine — one of the best compact engines for a perfect balance between quiet-running power, low fuel consumption and durability. Plus, the redesigned air-cooling system keeps this machine running smoothly by filtering out dirt and dust, preventing buildup that can eventually lead to problems.

To learn more about the SW8000, stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post where we'll talk about DustClear™ and multiple other innovative features. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Workplace cleanliness is nothing to sneeze at.

5 Ways to prevent the spread of infection in any facility.

By and large, society is healthier than ever before. The United States in particular is no longer forced to deal with things like polio, typhus, cholera and other diseases, not only because of advancements in medicine, but also thanks to one big step in our evolution: sanitation.

Simply put, sanitation is the effort to control and maintain the spread of illness, but what are the best ways to help prevent the spread of infection within the confines of a factory, hospital, school or any other facility?

Here are five proven tips that can help:

5. Cleaner Cleaning Equipment

It’s cleaning 101: If you’re using dirty cleaning equipment, are you really cleaning? The answer is: no, not really. Cleaning equipment is on the infection-prevention front line, actually directly touching and collecting the germs that can cause illness. Without a regular washing, your equipment isn’t helping to prevent infection as much as it could. In the end, cleaner cleaning equipment is more effective at helping to prevent sickness in your facility.

4. Air Filtration

By now, everyone knows that many common (and uncommon) illnesses spread through the air. Pathogens such as bacteria, fungal spores and viruses can go from person to person through the simple act of breathing. Often, a certain degree of sickness in any facility is to be expected, but by installing an effective, efficient air filtration system, the spread of infection can be curbed dramatically.

3. Clean Surfaces

Another necessity when it comes to infection control is the regular cleaning and disinfection of any surface that people or animals touch. Counters, tabletops, doorknobs, walls, floors, the list goes on. Because, when we touch surfaces, we unwittingly leave behind countless bacteria and, potentially, viruses. Obviously, not every surface can be scrubbed down after every person makes contact with it, but a regular surface-cleaning regimen in your cleaning program can help to decrease the spread of infection.

2. Disinfected Food Areas

It’s almost inevitable. Anywhere food is prepared and/or consumed is bound to get dirty. From the largest kitchens down to the office microwave, there are plenty of ways food particles can get into even the tiniest nooks and crannies. The problem is that food decays, producing bacteria and even attracting unwanted critters, none of which are conducive to infection prevention. But by thoroughly and regularly cleaning any food-preparation area, the spread of infection can be slowed.

1. Personal Hygiene

Some of the biggest culprits when it comes to spreading infection in any facility are people. Even the cleanest people carry a significant amount of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and can spread illness to other people without even realizing it. However, through persistent personal hygiene such as routine hand washing, covering our mouths when coughing and sneezing, and regular bathing, we not only help to prevent catching an illness, we’re helping to prevent the spreading illness to others. Basically, clean people make for cleaner, healthier facilities, so make sure your facility promotes personal hygiene as much as possible through signage, brochures or any other type of polite reminder to stay clean.

To find out how Advance can help prevent the spread of infection in your facility, go to

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Things to watch for at ISSA/Interclean Las Vegas 2015

This year’s ISSA/Interclean convention in Las Vegas is bound to be a good time. First off, it’s being held in the entertainment capital of America, full of legendary casinos, fantastic shows and miles of unbeatable buffets. But even better than all-you-can-eat lobster, Cirque de Soleil and slots is the new technology and innovations that will be on display. All are sure to get attendees excited about the future of their cleaning programs.

What’s new for Advance this year?

For those interested in finding out what Advance is up to at this year’s ISSA, the main thing to remember is that Advance will be setting up at the Nilfisk booth along with the rest of the Nilfisk family. This will save a lot of walking for ISSA attendees in Vegas, giving people more time to check out our new products designed to save cleaning time for facility managers everywhere.

The New Advance SC500

Nilfisk is thrilled to be able to showcase a new level of thinking and engineering in the cleaning industry with the Advance SC500 floor scrubber. This machine has multiple features designed to make the life of the facility manager much simpler, such as an improved design for better sight lines, increased productivity and amazing efficiency thanks to Advance’s EcoFlex™ system and, of course, plenty of other SC500 features we’ll be excited to show you.

The Advance SC500™ with REV™ Technology


Click here to learn more about the Advance SC500™.

The FM810 Orbital Scrubber

The next evolution in orbital floor machines will be on display in Vegas this year, too. It’s more productive, more versatile and more powerful than its predecessors, and with the FM810’s quiet operation, easy transportation and ease of use, it’s helping to elevate Advance to another level in floor cleaning. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See it in Vegas for yourself.

The Advance FM810™ Orbital Floor Scrubber

We don’t have to imagine the future of floor cleaning. We’re living it, and it’s all going to be on display at ISSA 2015. We look forward to meeting you there.

To find out more about Advance’s wide range of incredible floor machines, go to and explore our catalogue. Also, keep an eye out for more blogs announcing other new products to be showcased at ISSA.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

REV: A Turn for the Better in Cleaning Technology

              The Advance Advenger® Rider Scrubber 
    with REV™ Technology

While it's true that winning the 2013 ISSA Innovation Award would make any company proud, we knew that our REV Technology deserved it. Since the dawn of large-scale industrial cleaning, facility owners, managers and maintenance staffs have been searching for ways to clean faster and as efficiently as possible. They’ve always been looking to the future, hoping for advancements in cleaning technology. With REV, the wait is over.

The Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubber 
with REV™ Technology

The first aspect of REV that we should point out is the Random Orbital Scrubbing. It uses distinct orbital and rotational motions combining microscrubbing into the main orbital scrubbing, resulting in a smooth, clean finish without streaking and in far fewer passes. Essentially, Random Orbital Scrubbing quite literally approaches dirt from multiple angles and ensures nothing gets missed. It’s so effective that it can remove a floor’s finish, leaving it ready for restoration in a single pass using only water. A truly impressive feat in high tech cleaning. 

The Advance FM810™ Orbital Scrubbing Floor Machine
with REV™ Technology

REV technology not only cleans more effectively, but it also gives the operator total control over the quantity of water and chemicals that are used in any given area. This helps minimize both splashing and the amount of dumping required. This doesn’t simply save the operator from unnecessary physical labor. It also prevents the unnecessary overuse of water and chemicals, making it both a wise financial investment and a responsible choice with regard to the environment. 

                        The SC750™ REV™Dual 
                       Random Orbital Floor Scrubber

Another important aspect of REV technology is one that your facility’s visitors might appreciate more than anyone. It’s extremely quiet. In fact, at fewer than 70 decibels, it’s no louder than the average person’s speaking voice. This opens up the opportunity for maintenance personnel to clean during the day without interrupting anyone who happens to be nearby. In turn, it allows owners and managers to cut back on maintenance hours and costs. 

All in all, REV technology is one more innovation that has kept Advance at the forefront of industrial cleaning technology. It cleans better and more efficiently, using less water and fewer chemicals, all while doing so more quietly and neatly without splashing. Without a doubt, Advance is cleaning the hallway to the future.