Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Green Floor Cleaning Equipment

Floor cleaning equipment with green cleaning capabilities can contribute directly to indoor air quality/indoor environment quality (IAQ/IEQ). Facility owners can employ floor cleaning vacuums, carpet extractors and scrubbers with sealed gel batteries:

Vacuum Cleaners: The LEED-EB (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings) requirements specify that vacuum cleaners are capable of capturing 96% of particulates 0.3 microns in size and meet the requirements of the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval Program. CRI-certified vacuums release no more than 100 micrograms of dust particles per cubic meter into the surrounding air.

Carpet Extractors: Carpet extractors with green cleaning capabilities significantly reduce drying time and help prevent mold. They also minimize the use of water and detergent while cleaning. Per LEED-EBOM, carpet extractors should be CRI-Seal of Approval certified.

Sealed Gel Batteries: Automatic scrubbers that meet green cleaning requirements utilize environmentally-preferable gel batteries or maintenance-free AGM batteries. These batteries are completely sealed to eliminate acid spills that can occur with wet-acid batteries. This design also minimizes vapor emissions during charging, and, if equipped with an on-board charger, allow non-hazardous charging anywhere in a facility.

With the above types of green floor cleaning equipment, facility owners can ensure they are complying with green cleaning standards, while maximizing cleaning efficiency.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Defining Green Cleaning

“Green cleaning” can encompass many different factors, ranging from various types of cleaning products to sustainable cleaning practices. However, before selecting a “green” cleaning solution or “green” floor cleaning equipment, it is important to take a step back and answer the underlying question, “What does green cleaning really mean to your business, your employees, your budget and the environment?” Are you looking to gain LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) certification for your facility, or simply want to be sure your facility is the best it can be?

As a leading manufacturer of “green” floor cleaning equipment, Advance is committed to offering products that meet or exceed industry and government standards for green cleaning. With a wide range of products and green cleaning solutions, Advance is dedicated to developing floor cleaning equipment that will help you employ effective, green cleaning practices including:
  • Maintain or enhance indoor air/environmental quality
  • Improve worker and occupant safety
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Reduce the cost of cleaning
So how will you achieve these results? Stick around, and we’ll be happy to show you!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Industry’s First Hybrid and ePower™ Drive Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers

Energy-efficient Advance CS7000 sweeper-scrubbers deliver unprecedented performance, fuel efficiency and operational range on one sustainable platform. Using efficient hybrid drive or extended run-time battery powered configurations, the CS7000 eliminates 98 percent of complex, high-maintenance hydraulic systems of traditional ride-on cleaning equipment.

Advance offers three models built on the innovative CS7000 high-efficiency electric drive system, with two Hybrid drive models and one ePower™ battery model available to meet diverse cleaning application requirements.

The Advance CS7000 Hybrid models—available in LP or diesel—offer equipment owners an efficient green cleaning option with the following benefits:
  • Up to 50 percent less fuel consumption significantly reduces harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and minimizes high fuel costs.
  • Lower operating noise than similar engine powered machines provides minimal intrusive operation within facilities.
  • Hybrid system battery power allows users to drive to refueling station if machine runs out of fuel during operation, minimizing lost productivity particularly in large operations.
The CS7000 ePower battery model significantly reduces equipment owner’s total cost of ownership. Additional benefits include:
  • Extended run time of up to 5.4-hours sweeping and scrubbing on a single battery charge versus traditional 3.5-hour run times on competing machines.
  • Cleaning performance equal to similar engine powered machines.
  • Zero emissions increase indoor air quality.  

To learn more about the CS7000, please visit http://www.advance-us.com/cs7000

Monday, May 9, 2011

Simple Operation, Flexible Performance

Advance’s rugged, low maintenance SC750™ and SC800™ walk-behind scrubbers with EcoFlex™ System deliver high productivity with each tankful. Allowing for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, these scrubbers reduce dump/refill cycles and deliver fast ROI to your facility.

Enhanced with Advance’s EcoFlex System, the SC750 and SC800 scrubbers provide a green cleaning performance. At the touch of a button, you can quickly switch from chemical free cleaning to using an ultra low dilution ratio. Not quite strong enough for the job? Switch to full-strength detergent for the ultimate, deep-cleaning performance. Using the burst of power feature, you can easily apply more pressure, more solution and more detergent, cleaning even the toughest of soils. With the flexibility to change pressure, solution and detergent levels, Advance’s SC750 and SC800 walk-behind scrubbers use less detergent, minimize water use and reduce cleaning costs.