Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Defining Green Cleaning

“Green cleaning” can encompass many different factors, ranging from various types of cleaning products to sustainable cleaning practices. However, before selecting a “green” cleaning solution or “green” floor cleaning equipment, it is important to take a step back and answer the underlying question, “What does green cleaning really mean to your business, your employees, your budget and the environment?” Are you looking to gain LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) certification for your facility, or simply want to be sure your facility is the best it can be?

As a leading manufacturer of “green” floor cleaning equipment, Advance is committed to offering products that meet or exceed industry and government standards for green cleaning. With a wide range of products and green cleaning solutions, Advance is dedicated to developing floor cleaning equipment that will help you employ effective, green cleaning practices including:
  • Maintain or enhance indoor air/environmental quality
  • Improve worker and occupant safety
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Reduce the cost of cleaning
So how will you achieve these results? Stick around, and we’ll be happy to show you!

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