Thursday, May 12, 2011

Industry’s First Hybrid and ePower™ Drive Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers

Energy-efficient Advance CS7000 sweeper-scrubbers deliver unprecedented performance, fuel efficiency and operational range on one sustainable platform. Using efficient hybrid drive or extended run-time battery powered configurations, the CS7000 eliminates 98 percent of complex, high-maintenance hydraulic systems of traditional ride-on cleaning equipment.

Advance offers three models built on the innovative CS7000 high-efficiency electric drive system, with two Hybrid drive models and one ePower™ battery model available to meet diverse cleaning application requirements.

The Advance CS7000 Hybrid models—available in LP or diesel—offer equipment owners an efficient green cleaning option with the following benefits:
  • Up to 50 percent less fuel consumption significantly reduces harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and minimizes high fuel costs.
  • Lower operating noise than similar engine powered machines provides minimal intrusive operation within facilities.
  • Hybrid system battery power allows users to drive to refueling station if machine runs out of fuel during operation, minimizing lost productivity particularly in large operations.
The CS7000 ePower battery model significantly reduces equipment owner’s total cost of ownership. Additional benefits include:
  • Extended run time of up to 5.4-hours sweeping and scrubbing on a single battery charge versus traditional 3.5-hour run times on competing machines.
  • Cleaning performance equal to similar engine powered machines.
  • Zero emissions increase indoor air quality.  

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  1. This is an amazing machine that truly is a green industrial floor scrubber! Check out this cool video on the unit: