Friday, March 4, 2016

Avoid Slips and Falls in Your Facility

As any building service staffer knows there are few things more annoying than wet floors. That awful squish when you step on wet mats or carpet and even worse is the slickness and danger of wet non-carpeted floors. Now that winter is here that means extra water will be tracked into your facility, especially if you live in a colder climate where you have to deal with snow and slush.  Keeping the entrance clean and dry becomes an almost daily struggle. Sure, you can constantly try and soak up the extra water with a mop, but before long your mop will also become too wet to be effective and even when it’s dry it still leaves that fine film of moisture on the floor, which is still a slip hazard. Instead use the HydroDry Dryer.

What's so great about the HydroDry?

Aside from being ETL and CETL approved, its single knob 3 speed control makes it easy to adjust the air flow to best meet your needs. It’s stackable to help save that all important storage space and has an optional transport kit with a handle and wheels for easy maneuverability and transport. Besides why carry it when you could roll it, right? If you have a large space to dry with limited wall plugins, the 25-foot safety yellow power cord will help or simply utilize the dual on-board outlets and use up to three units in a daisy chain configuration. This will not only help you dry your floor more quickly, but also more evenly.

Sounds like a seasonal machine. What else can be done with it?

The HydroDry can be utilized for many different applications. Fire it up after a carpet extraction or to help dry floor finish. Worried it might create waves in the finish of your nice, evenly applied finished floor? Don’t be. HydroDry comes standard with a kick-stand to elevate its air flow and avoid creating waves. It can be used in the restroom to help dry a wet floor from an overflow or pipe sweat. Have a big painting job in one of the more high traffic areas in your facility? Once the painting is complete use it to help dry the paint faster. Since HydroDry’s main function is air flow, it can also be used to help ventilate closed, stuffy areas and remove smoke and unwanted fumes more quickly.

The overall versatility of HydroDry makes it a must have for all facilities. Contact one of our dealers and see for yourself.