Friday, April 29, 2011

Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Automatic Floor Scrubber Delivers Unprecedented Scrubbing Performance

The newest addition to the Advance Adfinity™ line of compact walk-behind scrubbers, the Adfinity X20R REV™ automatic floor scrubber, is designed to provide superior daily scrubbing performance and deep scrubbing for chemical-free finish removal in one efficient machine. Patent-pending Random Orbital Scrubbing technology positions Adfinity REV as the industry’s first automatic scrubber to clean floors with distinct, random orbital and rotational motions, using up to 70 percent less cleaning solution.

Random Orbital Scrubbing technology delivers dual-action scrubbing with a combination of high-speed ¼-inch orbital micro-scrubbing and 20-inch low-speed rotational macro-scrubbing. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple directions, REV leaves a smooth, swirl-free, scrubbed surface in a single pass. Better scrubbing performance, a more uniform result and opportunity for reduced water and chemical usage, the Adfinity REV delivers an ideal cleaning solution for facility floor maintenance.

To meet diverse hard floor cleaning requirements, the Adfinity REV provides versatile, dual-purpose scrubbing; allowing operators to daily scrub or deep scrub for finish removal with the following benefits:
  • One pass, chemical-free deep scrubbing removes old floor finish using only water, resulting in a dry and prepared surface ready for refinishing.
  • Uniform scrubbing results create a superior clean floor free of swirl marks.
  • Low solution flow provides up to 105 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single tank of water to satisfy sizeable cleaning jobs.
  • Quiet operation ensures machine performance is no louder than a person speaking, permitting easy daytime cleaning without disturbing facility occupants.
  • NFSI Certification guarantees a dry, no-slip surface, maximizing operator and facility safety.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Equipment Features Contribute to Cleaning Productivity: Part II

Along with cleaning path widths, easy equipment changes and battery chargers, the following equipment features are also key when considering floor-cleaning machines.

Reduced sound levels – Today's low-decibel cleaning equipment, from canister vacuums with hospital-quiet operation to ride-on scrubbers with built-in sound attenuation, enables your operators to clean during business hours, and without the fatigue and irritation that noise can cause.

Reduced water usage
– Some of today's floor-cleaning machines are specially designed to minimize water usage, providing a big productivity boost for a modest investment. Water-saving designs increase cleaning efficiency by: 1) reducing the number of dump-and-fill cycles required to clean a particular area, which in turn increases the amount of time operators can spend productively cleaning; and 2) reducing the drying time needed before workers can return an area to service. (Some automatic scrubber and extractor models let you choose between low-moisture and deep-cleaning modes so you can increase water usage just in especially soiled areas.)

Larger water and solution tanks – Equipment with higher-capacity tanks can also increase your productive cleaning time between dump-and-fill cycles. However, there is a trade-off because larger tanks usually mean larger equipment, and you will generally want to select the smallest machine suitable for your application. Small machines are more maneuverable and lighter weight, allowing operators to work faster and with less fatigue.

Before purchasing your next floor-cleaning machine for your facility, consider these significant features to get the most out of your equipment.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Equipment Features Contribute to Cleaning Productivity: Part I

What makes a floor-cleaning machine “productive”? The next two posts will guide you through equipment features to look for when selecting your cleaning equipment.

Choice of cleaning path widths – By matching the size of the machine to exact application requirements, you can minimize your investment while maximizing productivity. The difference in the purchase price between a 17-inch and a 20-inch walk-behind floor machine can be as little $50 to $100. Matching the right size floor-cleaning machine with efficiency features that meet exact needs will minimize your investment while maximizing productivity.

Easy equipment changes – Slide-out decks for edge cleaning and easy-to-swap brush and cylindrical decks allow your workers to clean different surfaces with one machine and spend minimal time changing out accessories. Machines that offer “tools-free” maintenance allow operators to make any needed adjustments quickly and easily, as do user-friendly controls that are easy to understand and operate.

Onboard battery chargers – Many battery-powered auto-scrubbers, burnishers and carpet extractors can be ordered or even come standard with onboard battery chargers. This means that operators don't have to return a machine to a battery-charging station, but can recharge machine batteries almost anywhere. Gel-battery powered equipment offers increased safety and convenience because there is no potential for battery acid spills or noxious gas emissions during charging that can occur with conventional batteries.

Check back next week for Part II to learn out about noise levels, water usage and tank size.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Maximize Productivity With a Cost-Efficient Cleaning Program

Studies show that labor represents 90% or more of the total cost of floor cleaning—meaning that workers are the largest share of the total cost to clean. What can you do to increase worker productivity, but still keeps cost low? The answer: employ a cost-efficient cleaning program. But what does that really mean? What makes a floor-cleaning machine “productive,” and how do you evaluate floor-cleaning machines for productivity?

Today's automated floor-cleaning equipment includes efficiency features that can lead to greater productivity, such as longer cleaning times between dump-and-fill cycles, faster ride-on and self-propelled equipment, wider cleaning paths, and the ability to perform multiple operations with one machine, to list just a few. Determining which floor-cleaning equipment will deliver the highest productivity per application and, in turn, decrease overall cleaning time and costs, requires careful consideration.

The following two posts will delve further into equipment features that contribute to cleaning productivity, and ultimately, decrease overall cleaning time and reduce the total cost to clean. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Advance Website Features Improved Design to Facilitate Easy Product Selection By Product Type or Vertical Market

Advance announces its new website with an enhanced structural design and efficient navigation tools for improved product selection and comprehensive service information. Providing a clean layout, the new website allows users to quickly access product information—including service manuals and parts list—by browsing various product categories or searching within multiple vertical markets.

Featuring a simple navigation bar, users can easily locate Advance products or learn about Advance’s comprehensive cleaning solutions, including its innovative EcoFlex™ System cleaning technology, green cleaning solutions and CleanLease™ Finance Program for a convenient, cost-effective equipment leasing option. The navigation bar also allows users to access detailed equipment service videos for proper equipment maintenance, including part replacement and battery care.

The improved, easy-to-navigate products tab provides a comprehensive, visible platform of Advance’s entire product offering, effectively categorized by equipment type. With categories ranging from small walk-behind scrubbers to carpet extractors, users are guaranteed to find a product for their cleaning application. From there, users can select a listed product to learn about the product’s performance and features, browse available models, download the most recent operator manuals and literature or watch a product video if available.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Advance RS Sweepers

The Advance RS Series of Sweepers provides the ideal outdoor cleaning equipment for corporate, municipalities and campus cleaning, such as sidewalks, streets and other hard surfaces around stadiums, parking lots and garages. Watch the video to see how these sweepers provide a superior green clean.