Monday, April 11, 2011

Maximize Productivity With a Cost-Efficient Cleaning Program

Studies show that labor represents 90% or more of the total cost of floor cleaning—meaning that workers are the largest share of the total cost to clean. What can you do to increase worker productivity, but still keeps cost low? The answer: employ a cost-efficient cleaning program. But what does that really mean? What makes a floor-cleaning machine “productive,” and how do you evaluate floor-cleaning machines for productivity?

Today's automated floor-cleaning equipment includes efficiency features that can lead to greater productivity, such as longer cleaning times between dump-and-fill cycles, faster ride-on and self-propelled equipment, wider cleaning paths, and the ability to perform multiple operations with one machine, to list just a few. Determining which floor-cleaning equipment will deliver the highest productivity per application and, in turn, decrease overall cleaning time and costs, requires careful consideration.

The following two posts will delve further into equipment features that contribute to cleaning productivity, and ultimately, decrease overall cleaning time and reduce the total cost to clean. Stay tuned!

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