Monday, April 18, 2011

Equipment Features Contribute to Cleaning Productivity: Part I

What makes a floor-cleaning machine “productive”? The next two posts will guide you through equipment features to look for when selecting your cleaning equipment.

Choice of cleaning path widths – By matching the size of the machine to exact application requirements, you can minimize your investment while maximizing productivity. The difference in the purchase price between a 17-inch and a 20-inch walk-behind floor machine can be as little $50 to $100. Matching the right size floor-cleaning machine with efficiency features that meet exact needs will minimize your investment while maximizing productivity.

Easy equipment changes – Slide-out decks for edge cleaning and easy-to-swap brush and cylindrical decks allow your workers to clean different surfaces with one machine and spend minimal time changing out accessories. Machines that offer “tools-free” maintenance allow operators to make any needed adjustments quickly and easily, as do user-friendly controls that are easy to understand and operate.

Onboard battery chargers – Many battery-powered auto-scrubbers, burnishers and carpet extractors can be ordered or even come standard with onboard battery chargers. This means that operators don't have to return a machine to a battery-charging station, but can recharge machine batteries almost anywhere. Gel-battery powered equipment offers increased safety and convenience because there is no potential for battery acid spills or noxious gas emissions during charging that can occur with conventional batteries.

Check back next week for Part II to learn out about noise levels, water usage and tank size.

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