Monday, April 25, 2011

Equipment Features Contribute to Cleaning Productivity: Part II

Along with cleaning path widths, easy equipment changes and battery chargers, the following equipment features are also key when considering floor-cleaning machines.

Reduced sound levels – Today's low-decibel cleaning equipment, from canister vacuums with hospital-quiet operation to ride-on scrubbers with built-in sound attenuation, enables your operators to clean during business hours, and without the fatigue and irritation that noise can cause.

Reduced water usage
– Some of today's floor-cleaning machines are specially designed to minimize water usage, providing a big productivity boost for a modest investment. Water-saving designs increase cleaning efficiency by: 1) reducing the number of dump-and-fill cycles required to clean a particular area, which in turn increases the amount of time operators can spend productively cleaning; and 2) reducing the drying time needed before workers can return an area to service. (Some automatic scrubber and extractor models let you choose between low-moisture and deep-cleaning modes so you can increase water usage just in especially soiled areas.)

Larger water and solution tanks – Equipment with higher-capacity tanks can also increase your productive cleaning time between dump-and-fill cycles. However, there is a trade-off because larger tanks usually mean larger equipment, and you will generally want to select the smallest machine suitable for your application. Small machines are more maneuverable and lighter weight, allowing operators to work faster and with less fatigue.

Before purchasing your next floor-cleaning machine for your facility, consider these significant features to get the most out of your equipment.

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