Monday, September 24, 2012

Multi-Surface Floor Machine Helps Solve University's Toughest Cleaning Challenge

EWU boasts more than 10,000 students and many cleaning challenges. When asked to describe his toughest cleaning challenge, the custodial manager at EWU, Ray Godin, says “By far, our toughest cleaning problem is maintaining all of our carpets and a wide variety of hard-surface floors.” With approximately two million square feet of hard and soft flooring to maintain on a daily basis, Godin was searching for an alternative to using separate pieces of equipment for cleaning each type of flooring. He recently found a one machine solution in the Advance Adphibian™ extractor/scrubber that cleans both soft and hard surface floors.

Read the full case study to learn how the Adphibian successfully cleans and maintains a wide range of floor surfaces at a vibrant and crowded university campus.

Monday, September 17, 2012

SC750™ REV™ Delivers Powerful Scrubbing Performance for Efficient Daily Cleaning

Advance introduces the SC750™ REV™, the most recent addition to the company’s line of innovative REV scrubber solutions. Designed with enhanced cleaning performance, including a wide, 28-inch scrub path and fast scrubbing capabilities, the SC750 REV allows operators to efficiently complete their diverse daily cleaning applications.

The SC750 delivers increased cleaning productivity in comparison with 20-inch floor machines through the following benefits:
  • Chemical-free floor finish removal without hazardous chemicals and slippery floors allows users to reduce labor hours during floor restoration by up to 90 percent
  • 40 percent more scrub path productivity with dual 14-inch scrub pads provides increased floor surface coverage
  • Up to 210 minutes of continuous scrubbing in the low moisture setting lets operators stay on the floor longer with minimal interruptions
  • 170 pounds of maximum down pressure delivers increased speed for quick room turnaround
Developed from the exclusive Advance REV technology, the SC750 REV features Random Orbital Scrubbing technology which delivers dual-action scrubbing with a combination of high-speed ¼-inch orbital micro-scrubbing and low-speed rotational macro-scrubbing. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple directions, REV leaves a smooth, swirl-free, scrubbed surface in a single pass. Better scrubbing performance, a more uniform result and opportunity for reduced water and chemical usage, REV delivers an ideal cleaning solution for facility floor maintenance and restoration.

The SC750 REV is well-suited for applications requiring efficient, quality scrubbing performance with minimal labor and maintenance expenses, such as healthcare and educational facilities. Additional cleaning applications range from office buildings and grocery stores to retail and government centers.

Learn more about the SC750 REV here. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High Risk Slip and Fall Accident Areas

This article was originally published in Cleaning & Maintenance Management

Tribology is the study of the interaction between sliding surfaces. Those who analyze slip and fall accidents use the knowledge of tribology to examine the amount of friction between shoe bottoms and the floor surface.

The second Tribology class focuses on how facility managers can help prevent slip and fall accidents by knowing where they are most likely to occur.

Studies now indicate these areas are where a slip and fall accident is most likely to occur:
  • Any floor surfaces that are wet or oily (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Sloping surfaces, especially sloping down
  • Work areas where pushing, pulling, carrying, or lifting tasks are performed
  • Any area of a facility where people must temporarily walk faster than usual
  • Where there are frequent walkway changes
Learn more about slip and fall prevention with safe cleaning equipment

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Does Green Cleaning Mean to You?

Green cleaning doesn't just mean reducing impact on the environment. It means finding new ways to clean quickly and easily, while saving time and money. For example, our quieter floor machines allow cleaning during business hours, thus reducing overtime hours and cost. Our floor cleaning equipment features ergonomic design that reduces worker fatigue. We utilize gel batteries in many machines to avoid contact with battery acid. Our Smart Solutions technologies support water conservation, reduced chemical exposure and many other safety and environmental features add up to time savings initiatives for you. For more information on both the economic and environmental benefits of going green, read our whitepaper, Making Sense of Green Cleaning.

Through product innovation and an understanding of our customers' green cleaning efforts; we have developed the most complete line of green floor cleaning machines in the industry, including commercial vacuums, carpet extractors, and burnishers. For a closer look at how Advance defines and delivers green cleaning, download our Green Cleaning Equipment brochure. We also have a variety of other green resources, including more information on regulations and standards and sustainability.