Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Healthier cleaning for healthier environments

Cleaning a healthcare facility is almost always more complicated than cleaning a school, business or other public space. There are simply more things you need to keep in mind besides the cleaning itself. 

What are you leaving behind? 
Chemicals can make highly effective cleaning solutions, but most chemical cleaners create fumes or leave behind residues that can comprise your job in the long run. That’s why more and more facilities are requiring chemical-free or reduced chemical cleaning from their staff or contractors.

Advance’s REV™ Technology is the perfect solution for this trend.
AdvanceSC500™ walk-behind scrubber, for example, not only features REV Technology and our exclusive EcoFlex™ System, but also SmartFlow™ Technology as well. 

  • REV™ Random Orbital Scrubbing is so effective, it can actually eliminate the need for chemical floor strippers, one of the worst offenders on the chemical cleaning front. 
  • The EcoFlex System allows you to clean with the least amount of detergent needed to do the job—or even with water alone. 
  • And SmartFlow Technology automatically reduces the solution flow rate when the scrubber takes a corner or otherwise slows down, conserving both water and detergents.

Together, these technologies can reduce your water and chemical consumption significantly, which can go a long way toward making your facility a healthier place. 

Don’t trade clean floors for dirty air  
Air quality is another factor that’s often overlooked. Yet, in their efforts to reach the high levels of cleanliness that healthcare environments require, many cleaners will use equipment that compromises air quality.

Vacuums, for example, have a tendency to kick dust into the air even as they’re sucking it up from the floor. That’s because their motors are often so powerful they stir up dust that would ordinarily stay undisturbed. Advance engineers understand this problem and work continuously to develop vacuums that minimize dust. An example of this effort is the Advance Spectrum™ upright vacuum. Featuring an exceptionally efficient three-stage filtration system—including a certified H.E.P.A. filter—this powerful carpet vac doesn’t just clean your carpets, it practically cleans your air at the same time.

“Can you keep it down out there?” 
Most people don’t think of noise as pollution per se, but there’s a growing movement to change that perception. This is especially true in healthcare environments, where peace and quiet is critical. The problem is, cleaning machines are powered by motors and motors make noise.

Advance engineers have addressed this problem, too, by designing some of the quietest running equipment in the industry. The SC500 scrubber mentioned earlier is just one example; it features a Quiet Mode setting that reduces operating noise to a whisper. In general, Advance vacuums and burnishers are so quiet, they can often be used during daytime hours, silently going about their business through the hustle and bustle of even the busiest hospital day.

So even though maintaining exceptionally high standards in healthcare environments can be a demanding challenge, having the right tools can help make it simple.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Horizon Program to Bring to Market Autonomous Cleaning Solutions


Copenhagen, Denmark & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania − October 4, 2016. Nilfisk today announced The Horizon Program, a pioneering global program that will deliver the most intelligent and technologically advanced cleaning solutions in the industry. Working with Carnegie Robotics, LLC, the leading provider of advance robotics sensors and software, Nilfisk’s Horizon Program is a strategic, long-term program of multiple product launches, the first to be released in 2017. These new products will provide the full spectrum of autonomous capabilities, so customers can experience self-operating, driverless cleaning options that meet their every need.

The Horizon Program focuses on bringing state-of-the-art, autonomous cleaning technologies to market, enabling customers to deploy unmanned floor cleaning with accuracy and precision.

In its 110-year history, Nilfisk has blazed the trail at every turn, bringing ingenuity together with practical applications to serve customers and their business objectives. The program is dedicated to developing intelligent and connected cleaning products, giving customers greater control and more flexibility, and fundamentally changing the way they clean. The Horizon Program will set the standard and lead the way for all intelligent equipment going forward in the commercial cleaning industry. 

“With The Horizon Program, our sights are set on bringing about fundamental change in cleaning. Consistent with our history Nilfisk is continuously responding to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. With The Horizon Program we are setting a course for a long-term, strategic program of autonomous and connected cleaning solutions and putting forth the most sophisticated technology that will completely redefine how we look at productivity and total cost of ownership. Our view of the future is one that makes incredible strides in cleaning technology,” said Jonas Persson, President and CEO of Nilfisk.

Nilfisk’s work with Carnegie Robotics is like no other partnership in the industry. This team brings together the highest levels of expertise in robotics and commercial cleaning to design and develop state-of-the-art autonomous cleaning solutions.
“With Nilfisk and Carnegie Robotics, we are combining a century of cleaning expertise with machine vision and autonomous technologies proven to work safely in unstructured environments such as military operations, agriculture and mining. From the beginning, our partnership has focused on thorough, intensive research and exhaustive, rigorous testing to develop the most sophisticated, highest functioning autonomous cleaning products the industry has seen to date,” said Steve DiAntonio, President and CEO of Carnegie Robotics.

The first product to launch in Spring 2017 in select markets will feature an optionally manned scrubber/dryer—one that can be, at the customer’s choice, autonomously or manually operated. It will include highly refined features designed to increase productivity, its design promises reliability and safety, and the product is very easy to use. With only three buttons, there is minimal training required to operate it.  Nilfisk will showcase this first product in The Horizon Program at the ISSA Trade show October 26-28, 2016 where customers will have the opportunity to experience it live.


Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment. For over 100 years, Nilfisk has been committed to making the world a cleaner place, and the company offer only the very best in cleaning solutions and technologies to millions of businesses and homes around the world. Nilfisk has sales companies in 45 countries, and its products and services are used in more than 100 countries across the world. Nilfisk is a part of the NKT Group. Learn more at www.nilfisk.com


Carnegie Robotics, LLC (CRL), is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier of reliable and advanced robotics sensors and platforms for defense, agriculture, mining, infrastructure, and commercial applications. CRL has grown steadily since its founding in 2010 by fulfilling the increasing demand for reliable and environmentally robust components that provide perception and intelligence for autonomous systems. In addition, CRL partners with major equipment suppliers to deliver disruptive, automated systems to traditional markets. For more information on CRL, visit www.carnegierobotics.com.