Monday, June 6, 2011

Floor Cleaning Equipment With Green Cleaning Capabilities Maximizes Facility Safety

There are a variety of green cleaning standards, including LEED-EB, ASTM E-1971-05 and GS-42, that address safety issues, including noise control, machine vibration, user fatigue, chemical exposure and proper training in green product use. When used correctly, floor cleaning equipment with green cleaning capabilities can enhance the safety of cleaning personnel, other facility occupants and the facility itself, through the following:

  • Noise Control features ensure quiet operation, increasing operator safety and the ability to clean during business hours, which in turn reduces costs for HVAC, lighting and security.
  • Ergonomic Design reduces excessive machine vibration and other inferior design elements, minimizing user fatigue and repetitive motor symptoms.
  • Flexible Cleaning System allows operators to use fewer machines and reduce water and detergent consumption. With a touch of a button, users can easily switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning and varying degrees of detergent, down pressure and flow rates.
  • Battery-Powered Equipment is an ideal alternative to the noise and emissions of propane-powered equipment, eliminating fuel emissions and enhancing air quality.

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