Monday, June 13, 2011

The Right Solution For Your Cleaning Application

There is no single “best” approach for every hard-floor scrubbing application. It is important to match the appropriate chemical and/or water mixture to the specific cleaning job at hand. This requires cleaning professionals to match the cleaning solution used to the soil level and surface type to effectively achieve the desired cleaning level.

Water-only cleaning is obviously the most sustainable choice, as it eliminates chemical use and the possible health impacts associated with exposure to chemical solutions. Cleaning professionals can employ water-only cleaning solution for applications involving the removal of surface dirt and detergent residue that accumulates on floors. Water-only cleaning solution also reduces costs because there are no detergents to buy.

While water-only cleaning proves to be a cost-efficient, sustainable solution, water alone is not always the most effective cleaning solution choice. For high-traffic areas or cleaning applications with certain soil types, such as greasy, oily messes, a flexible scrubbing program allows cleaning professionals to easily select the proper detergent type and strength—or clean with water only—as required by different floor conditions and areas of a facility. Proper application of water, detergent and down pressure eliminates the risk of exposing facility occupants to excessive detergent use. It also reduces cleaning costs and overall environmental impacts, while ensuring floors are effectively cleaned.

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