Monday, June 20, 2011

Spend More Time Cleaning, Less Time Preparing to Clean

With labor contributing up to 90% of the total cost to clean, it is important to realize that the more time spent actually cleaning will result in a more cost-efficient cleaning program. Preparation and assembly of floor cleaning equipment, solution and cleaning schedule can often require excessive time, which results in more money and resources spent. Proper planning and the right equipment can reduce the preparation and clean-up processes, making it possible for staff to make adjustments while they’re cleaning.

A flexible scrubbing program employs equipment and practices to handle cleaning applications that require a tougher scrub, such as heavily-trafficked entryways or tough soils, without stopping to modify their cleaning approach. For example, a floor scrubber that can dispense water and detergent separately eliminates having to pre-mix solution or empty tanks to change detergents or solution strength, which can also lead to detergent and chemical waste as it is poured down the drain.

This type of flexibility reduces cleaning professionals’ time spent prepping machines and minimizes cleaning passes, ultimately increasing time and cost efficiency.

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