Monday, March 21, 2011

Walk vs. Ride

Did you know that 90% of the cost of cleaning is labor? This is a huge factor to consider when choosing between a walk-behind machine or ride-on machine.

In some cases, the additional cost of a ride-on machine can likely be recouped from labor savings in about three months. This is because ride-on sweepers and scrubbers offer productivity gains as much as 64% over walk-behind machines. In addition, ride-on equipment is easier on your personnel, allowing them to do more with less fatigue. Today’s ride-on machines are compact enough to get into narrow spaces, and many are nimble enough to turn within their own length. By making more passes in a given time and significantly reducing worker fatigue, ride-ons provide a big productivity boost for a modest investment.

However, walk-behind scrubbers are better suited to smaller facilities with a need for scrubbing and light debris pickup. Additionally, walk-behind scrubbers may be a better choice for your facility if cost is a significant factor in your equipment selection.

Six factors to consider:
  1. Maneuverability – What does the cleaning space require; Are there tight corners?
  2. Cost – What does your budget allow?
  3. Employee age – How old is the person that will be running the machine and what are their capabilities?
  4. Productivity – Consider the speed and path size of each machine to determine your application needs.
  5. Safety – What will meet safety standards for your industry?
  6. ROI – How much return-on-investment will you receive?

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