Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Touchless Hard-Surface Cleaning

Advance All Cleaner™ XP delivers touchless hard-surface cleaning up to three times faster than traditional cleaning methods. Featuring a compact package, the All Cleaner XP is an ideal all-purpose cleaner for restricted cleaning areas.

The All Cleaner XP provides increased productivity over traditional hand cleaning methods, combining an automatic chemical system, indoor pressure washer, powerful liquid recovery vacuum and stretch hoses.

With a powerful 500 psi pump, and a variable spray gun, the All Cleaner XP lets you attack your most challenging cleaning products, all while eliminating any contact with the cleaning area. This minimizes staff exposure to dirty surfaces and cleaning chemicals.

For more information about the All Cleaner XP, visit http://www.advance-us.com/products/specialtyproducts/allpurposesystems/all%20cleaner.aspx

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