Monday, July 30, 2012

The Greener Clean: Current Trends in Industrial Floor Scrubber Technology

This article was originally published by Industrial Utility Vehicle & Mobile Equipment Magazine

With today's emphasis on sustainability and LEED certifications, floor cleaning equipment is evolving to adapt to current industry trends. Traditional mop and bucket cleaning is being replaced with efficient, versatile scrubbing machines to satisfy sustainability goals. Floors scrubbers can now perform more functions while utilizing fewer resources. Operating with less water and detergent, as well as requiring less labor and machines to complete tough cleaning challenges, floor cleaning equipment can now provide superior cleaning results without additional costs.

By understanding what 'green cleaning' encompasses and knowing available floor scrubbing capabilities that promote these strategies, facility managers must select cleaning equipment that meets their industrial requirements while still satisfying their green initiatives.

Read the full article here to learn more sustainable cleaning and green capabilities of industrial floor scrubbers.

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