Monday, August 27, 2012

Cyclone Rider Pressure Washer Cleans Without the Use of Chemicals

Lindbergh Plaza is known as one of Atlanta’s premier shopping destinations. With 26 acres of retail shops, parking lots and sidewalks, it is a plum contract for a cleaning professional like Michael Caruso, co-owner of Atlanta-based Amerisweep, LLC since January 2009. Amerisweep specializes in cleaning parking decks and surface lots, and shortly after Caruso joined the company in early 2008, he decided that the walk-behind pressure washers that Amerisweep had been using were too labor-intensive for big cleaning jobs. A few months later, Caruso began using the Cyclone, a high pressure surface cleaner from Advance, and contracts like Lindbergh Plaza were finally within his reach.

Read the full case study here to learn how the Cyclone provides thorough green cleaning without the use of chemicals, and reduces labor hours while increasing productivity.

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