Monday, November 26, 2012

How "Clean" is Your Green Floor Cleaning?

The goal of today’s green cleaning movement is to minimize impact on the environment, building occupants and cleaning personnel. One result has been a reduction in the use of potentially harmful chemicals when scrubbing hard floors in commercial and institutional settings. Intuitively, it might seem that the “greenest” cleaning is done with no chemicals at all.

However, maintenance staffs still need to meet the standard of clean required for their facilities—whether that standard is simply “cleaning for appearance” or a more stringent requirement for disinfection in hospitals and even schools to combat viral threats such as MRSA and H1N1.

Every floor cleaning challenge is different, and rarely is there a “one-clean-fits-all” solution. Download this paper to learn today’s myriad requirements for green and for clean, in relation to the hard floors found in schools, healthcare facilities, retail stores, office buildings and similar sites.

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