Monday, January 28, 2013

Parking Lots: More Than Just a Place to Park Cars

In today's fast-paced world, a parking lot is a place to park cars while individuals attend to their daily activities. While parking lots do serve this purpose, they are actually much more than that. A parking lot and its surrounding area are just as important as the facility attached to it, as it can serve as a customer's first impression of the facility. Cleanliness impacts this impression and, depending on the parking lot's appeal, may determine whether or not a customer returns.

From rocks and sand to leaves and beverage cans, parking lot debris can be plentiful. Failing to keep a lot swept and free of waste can also result in safety issues, in addition to interfering with lot usage, obstructing parking spaces or even causing vehicle damage. A well-maintained parking lot can have curb appeal and positively add to a patron's overall experience.

To ensure a safe, visually-appealing parking lot, it is critical for facility managers to use proper outdoor cleaning equipment to collect fine particles and litter alike — leaving a clean parking lot to welcome facility patrons.

Outdoor Cleaning Equipment

When selecting outdoor cleaning equipment, it is important to consider the scope and cleaning requirements of the parking lot. It is also crucial to assess labor needs, equipment performance and desired results in terms of sustainability, safety, durability and effectiveness. When conducting this assessment, there are a variety of outdoor surface cleaners available from which to choose.

Depending on the parking lot, operators can choose to employ any of the following cleaning machines:
  • Handheld pressure washers: With adjustable pressure sprays, these pressure washers reach deep into surface crevices, where traditional cleaning equipment may not. For example, handheld machines are optimal for curbs and tight parking lot corners. Their compact sizes make them simple to use and easy to store.
  • Outdoor power sweeping: Ride-on power sweeping machines offer wide broom capacities and dust-controlled operation to ensure effective debris pickup. With their comfortable, ergonomically designed operator compartment, these machines minimize physical labor. 
  • High-pressure operator-driven machines: These large, operator-driven cleaning machines provide deep cleaning capabilities, allowing users to remove dirt, tire marks and painted lines without surface damage. With high-pressure performance, these machines provide increased productivity by reducing time spent cleaning.

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