Monday, February 11, 2013

Carpet Cleaning – Why You Have Carpet Spots

This article was originally published by Bald Guy Clean.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals – Too Much and Too Many

The first mistake most make when cleaning carpet, it to use too many or too much carpet cleaning chemical. This is because there are so many.

There are probably twice as many carpet cleaning chemicals on the market than there are types of carpet. Everyone has been taught that you need to use pre-spray, de-browner, extraction cleaner, neutralizer, de-foamer, brightener, sanitizer and then a de-odorizor. Then you can apply a stain fighter or carpet protector, but when that fails you need several more chemicals to address specific stains and spots too.

That is a lot of chemical to pump into what is basically fabric! Most of those chemicals are sticky, even when diluted. After you have carpets cleaned, they are wet, right? Put your hand on that wet, clean carpet. Now let your hand dry and tell me what it feels like. Tacky? That’s how your carpet is too. The over use of chemicals are viewed as a short cut to removing dirt, but in fact, they will cause the accumulation of even more dirt. This stickiness stays with the carpet, covering over or even removing the stain fighting abilities that are built into carpet at the mill. The carpets may appear clean at first, but in a very short amount of time, the dirt begins to accumulate much quicker than it did before.

Even worse, when you need to clean them again, you will be battling the sticky residue from the last time you cleaned along with the dirt that it is holding.

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  1. So true. Too much residual chemical left behind in the carpet with various cleaning procedures that are out there. H2O only in the extractor, better yet the addition of 1-2 ounces per gallon of water of a product like Hillyard's NutraRinse and you'll have a pH neutral, no sticky residue carpet. I have done this many time with great and lasting results.

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