Monday, April 29, 2013

Efficient Daily Cleaning

The Advance SC750™ REV™ is the most recent addition to the company’s line of innovative REV scrubber solutions. Designed with enhanced cleaning performance, including a wide, 28-inch scrub path and fast scrubbing capabilities, the SC750 REV allows operators to efficiently complete their diverse daily cleaning applications.

The SC750 delivers increased cleaning productivity in comparison with 20-inch floor machines through the following benefits:
  • Chemical-free floor finish removal without hazardous chemicals and slippery floors allows users to reduce labor hours during floor restoration by up to 90 percent
  • 40 percent more scrub path productivity with dual 14-inch scrub pads provides increased floor surface coverage
  • Up to 210 minutes of continuous scrubbing in the low moisture setting lets operators stay on the floor longer with minimal interruptions
  • 170 pounds of maximum down pressure delivers increased speed for quick room turnaround
Developed from the exclusive Advance REV technology, the SC750 REV features Random Orbital Scrubbing technology which delivers dual-action scrubbing with a combination of high-speed ¼-inch orbital micro-scrubbing and low-speed rotational macro-scrubbing. Attacking dirt and floor finish from multiple directions, REV leaves a smooth, swirl-free, scrubbed surface in a single pass. Better scrubbing performance, a more uniform result and opportunity for reduced water and chemical usage, REV delivers an ideal cleaning solution for facility floor maintenance and restoration.

Check out a video of the SC750 REV in action:

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