Monday, June 3, 2013

Selecting the Right Vacuum

Advance continues to reduce the cost of cleaning through innovative commercial vacuum products. Advance has a full line of upright, wide-area, canister, backpack and rider commercial vacuums to meet any floor cleaning need. For superior performance, Advance vacuums provide the following benefits:
  • Excellent dust control and superior filtration for improved indoor air quality
  • Upright vacuums closely resemble vacuums used for home cleaning and are operated in the same manner 
  • Wide-area vacuums are upright vacuums with a wider base to accommodate large, open spaces 
  • Canister vacuums feature a compact body with an attached hose and cleaning wand 
  • Backpack vacuums also have an attached hose and wand, but the body of the vacuum is worn on the operator’s back 
  • Rider vacuums allow operators to drive the unit from a seated position and offer more productivity in large spaces
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