Monday, November 11, 2013

Vote For the SC1500™ REV™ Stand-On Scrubber in ISSA Innovation Awards

Vote for the SC1500 Stand-Up Scrubber in the ISSA Innovation Award Program.
Designed to deliver flexible cleaning performance, the new SC1500™ REV™ stand-on scrubber satisfies both daily and deep scrubbing applications. The SC1500 REV employs our patent pending Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology, which scrubs deeper and more uniformly to leave a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks while using far less water and chemicals.

Our REV technology enables superior cleaning performance through the following benefits:
  • Floors are cleaner in a single pass - Dual random orbital action quickly and efficiently attacks dirt from multiple directions
  • Save time with fewer dump and refill cycles - REV machines use far less water than conventional disc scrubbers
  • Save money - Less water means less detergent is used
  • No side splash - The slow macro orbit of REV prevents water from splashing onto adjacent surfaces
  • No splash skirt - Cleans tight to walls, which reduces time spent on detail work
  • Most even cleaning in the industry - REV's exclusive fixed pad driver allows the entire pad surface to clean your floor
  • No swirl marks - Dual random orbital action delivers an even clean without swirl marks
  • EcoFlex™onboard detergent metering system - Saving money, time, and the environment
  • Increased safety - All REV scrubbers are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute ( NFSI) to increase floor traction by more than 21%.
The SC1500 is also available in a disc model. Vote for the SC1500 Stand-Up Scrubber in the ISSA Innovation Award Program. 

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