Monday, April 28, 2014

Zone, Team or Gang Cleaning

This article was originally published in Clean Link.

Zone, Team or Gang Cleaning? What's the difference?

Zone Cleaning is the traditional way of one worker performing all (or most) of the tasks in an area. This is especially relevant in a small account that can be serviced in a relatively short period of time. Even in Zone Cleaning, how the tasks are performed, as to having an organized Job Card, can help in productivity. A fully loaded building will result in 2,500 SF/Hour utilizing this style based on the type facility and equipment.

Team Cleaning is a concept that has grown in popularity due to the effectiveness of having dedicated Specialists. Usually a team of four (Trash, Vacuum, Rest Room and Utility) will go through a building performing choreographed tasks so that each finishes at near the same time on the shift. There are many benefits to Team Cleaning including lower training times, built in quality controls and need for less equipment since each Zone Cleaner requires their own barrel, buckets, vacuum cleaners and other tools. A fully loaded building can result in 5,000 – 6,000 SF/Hour utilizing this style based on the type facility and equipment utilized.

Gang Cleaning is when a group of workers descend on an area and wander around before moving on to the next section. A well-organized Gang Cleaning team will have assigned tasks each day although I have witnessed crews arguing (and wasting time) over which tasks they have to do. A fully loaded building can result in a wide range of productivity since it is up to the Lead Worker to get the maximum out of the crew. Equipment also plays a key part.

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