Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Advance & Viper: The Beauty of Smart Meets Simple

Two powerful brands. One new mission.

Introducing, together for the first time at ISSA 2014, two brands that are poised to change the face of the cleaning equipment industry: Advance and Viper.
Advance equipment features cutting edge innovation and technology that's pushing the commercial cleaning industry forward—achieving new levels of productivity, efficiency and sustainability. From the Advance EcoFlex™ System that allows operators to meet green initiatives with water-only cleaning, to the cloud-based TrackClean™ Central Management System that provides game-changing data about cleaning productivity, Advance is at the forefront of professional cleaning technology. And, with the industry-leading support and training programs, Advance has become a staple among in-house cleaners, contractors and facility managers across the U.S.
For customers who just need to get the job done and move on, Advance is complimented by the easy-to-use equipment of the Viper line. Viper products feature controls that are so simple and intuitive that virtually anyone can start cleaning with limited training. On top of that, Viper products are built to be reliable and easily serviceable, and come with an economical price point that helps those with tight cleaning budgets breathe easier throughout the year.
For facilities facing resource constraints and aggressive cleaning schedules that leave little time for training, Advance dealers now offer a full line of equipment to meet virtually any budget. The combined portfolio of Advance and Viper cleaning equipment delivers solutions for every level of cleaning need—and all from a single source: Nilfisk-Advance.

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