Monday, February 20, 2012

The Advantages of CRI Certified Extractors: Lowered Costs

This week's blog post continues our series on the advantages of CRI-certified carpet extractors for your facility and cleaning procedures. While last week touched on the benefits of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), this week we will discuss how these extractors result in Lowered Costs.

According to industry-sponsored studies, as much as 95 percent of total cleaning costs are in labor. CRI-certified extractors are more effective at removing soil, dust and other compounds, which translates to greater cleaning efficiency and less time spent extracting. In addition, other studies have shown that improved IAQ helps reduce employee absenteeism and liability issues, which in turn contributes to cost reduction.

Next week, our blog post series will finish with how CRI-certified extractors result in Longer Lasting Carpet.

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