Monday, October 29, 2012

Floor Cleaning Technology Advancements Provide a Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solution for Industrial Cleaning Applications

The industrial floor cleaning industry relies on technology to provide robust, efficient operating performance, while still adhering to limited maintenance budgets and effective cleaning results. However, with an increasing focus on the environment and a push for more sustainable cleaning practices, many engineering, technical and management professionals are also seeking technology that will comply with stringent environmental standards.

Advancements in floor cleaning technology enable industrial professionals to satisfy high-quality performance requirements, while minimizing fuel costs, fuel emissions and overall cleaning maintenance. Additionally, these advancements provide increased operational range to reduce the total cost of ownership on floor cleaning equipment.

Electric drives simplify operation and maintenance
We developed floor cleaning technology that allows for effective surface sweeping and scrubbing capabilities while providing flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable cleaning performance. The CS7000 sweeper-scrubber platform includes both Hybrid drive models and ePower™ extended-range battery models to support diverse cleaning applications. In place of traditional hydraulically-driven technology, the CS7000 operates with electronically-controlled electric drives to power all sweeping and scrubbing functions, providing increased operating efficiency, simplified operation and maintenance and reduced cleaning costs.

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