Monday, October 22, 2012

Making Sense of Green Cleaning

“Green cleaning” is a term heard everywhere these days — but what does it mean?

Philosophically, the goal of green cleaning is to minimize the impact of cleaning on the environment and human health. In practice, green cleaning aims to reduce the use of chemicals, water and energy. And, ideally, green cleaning maintains or even improves the effectiveness of cleaning programs.

Green cleaning has become increasingly popular in schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, and many other building types, and the trend is expected to continue. But exactly how does one go about the job of green cleaning and, specifically, green floor cleaning?

Whether you are a facility manager or a building service contractor (BSC), this guide provides clear and basic information that can start you on the path toward environmentally friendly floor cleaning.

Download the full guide to get started on your "green" floor maintenance program.

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